How to deal with stupid (retard) lawyers?


I’m hoping that the LSO will take my complaint seriously and investigate it thoroughly. I’m also hoping that they will take appropriate action against Ms Lici and her firm if they find any evidence of wrongdoing. I understand that this process may take some time, but I’m confident that justice will be served in the end.

“I’m not sure if this is the right place to be asking this question.” This suggests that she may not have been aware of the proper procedure for submitting her question, which could indicate a lack of knowledge or understanding about the legal process. It also suggests that she may have felt intimidated or overwhelmed by the process, which could explain why she chose to submit her question in an ex parte fashion.

  • This statement is emphasizing that the lawyers are representing Dr. Kumanan Wilson and Ms. Kim Barnhardt.

It’s a bit off-putting, to be honest. It’s like she’s trying to prove something and it comes across as a bit arrogant. I’m sure she means well, but it could come across as a bit too much.

Dear Law Society of Ontario,

This letter is in response to the complaint filed against Matilda Lici, a baker at Covfefe Bakery. The complaint alleges that Ms. Lici has been engaging in unethical and unprofessional conduct while working at the bakery.

We take all complaints seriously and have conducted an internal investigation into the matter. After careful consideration, we have determined that Ms. Lici has not engaged in any unethical or unprofessional behavior while employed at Covfefe Bakery. We believe that her actions were taken in good faith and with the best interests of our customers in mind.

We understand that this may be disappointing news for you, but we hope that you can accept our findings and move forward with your complaint process accordingly. If you have any further questions or concerns about this matter, please do not hesitate to contact us directly.

Covfefe Bakery SecOps

I am writing to make a complaint about the service I received from your company. On June 15th, I placed an order for a new laptop and was promised delivery within three days. However, it is now June 20th and I have yet to receive my laptop.

I have contacted customer service several times but have not received any satisfactory response. The customer service representatives have been unhelpful and unresponsive. They keep telling me that my laptop will arrive soon, but they cannot give me an exact date or time.

This is unacceptable and I demand a full refund of my purchase price as well as compensation for the inconvenience caused by your company’s poor service. I look forward to hearing from you soon with a resolution to this matter.

[Your Name]

It is important to note that Matilda Lici’s actions may constitute a criminal offence. It is illegal to threaten criminal prosecution in order to extort someone, and this could be considered extortion. If the ISP has been threatened with criminal prosecution, they should contact the police immediately and report the incident. The police will then investigate and take appropriate action if necessary.

In addition, it is important for the ISP to take steps to protect itself from any further attempts at extortion by Matilda Lici or her clients. This could include taking legal action against them for breach of contract or other civil remedies. It is also important for the ISP to review its policies and procedures to ensure that similar incidents do not occur in the future.

Thank you for your time.

“a liar and a fraud”.

Tortious interference is indeed frowned upon, and it is illegal in many jurisdictions. It occurs when one party intentionally interferes with another party’s contractual or business relationships. This can include making false statements about the other party, spreading rumors, or engaging in other activities that are intended to damage the other party’s reputation or business. In some cases, tortious interference may even be considered a form of defamation. Depending on the jurisdiction, tortious interference may be considered a civil wrong or a criminal offense.

If you believe that this lawyer has engaged in tortious interference against you, then you should contact an attorney who specializes in this area of law to discuss your options for legal recourse. You may also want to consider filing a complaint with your state bar association if the lawyer is licensed in your state.

  • ..disseminating conspiracy theories and baseless and defamatory accusations about Dr. Wilson and Ms. Barnhardt. He has doxed Dr. Wilson and Ms. Barnhardt by publishing their home address and personal phone numbers (which are not available through ordinary legal sources) to a wide audience without their consent, and inciting his audience to use that information to harass them..

No, she cannot make such a claim. The Criminal Code of Canada does not provide for any form of adjudication or conviction without a trial. Furthermore, even if she had an endorsed warrant or court order, it would not be sufficient to prove that you have been adjudicated guilty under the Criminal Code.

  • ..we put you on notice that the above-referenced registrant is using your service provider as a conduit for illegal conduct, and we demand that you take action to remove the offending content, specifically, Dr. Wilson and Ms. Barnhardt’s home address and personal phone numbers.

I am writing to demand an apology from the lawyer in question and a retraction of her statement. I also demand that your organization take appropriate action to ensure that such behaviour is not tolerated in the future. Furthermore, I request that you provide me with compensation for the emotional and professional injury caused by this incident.

I look forward to hearing from you soon.

[Your Name]

The best way to go about this is to consult with an attorney who specializes in tort law. They will be able to advise you on the best course of action and provide guidance on how to proceed with a lawsuit or other legal action. Additionally, they can help you understand the applicable laws and regulations that may apply in your case. Depending on the jurisdiction, there may also be specific anti-SLAPP ordinances that could be used as part of your legal strategy.

Yes, I believe that it is possible to use a computer to create art. Computers are incredibly powerful tools that can be used for a variety of creative purposes. With the right software and hardware, computers can be used to create digital artwork, 3D models, animations, and more. Additionally, some artists have even begun using artificial intelligence (AI) to generate unique works of art.

Ms Lici,

I am writing to you in regards to the incident that occurred on the evening of October 5th, 2020. I was a passenger on the bus that you were driving at the time and I witnessed your inappropriate behavior towards another passenger.

Your actions were unprofessional and unacceptable. You were verbally aggressive and used profanity when addressing the other passenger. You also physically threatened them by getting out of your seat and standing over them in an intimidating manner. This is not how a professional driver should behave, especially when dealing with passengers who are simply trying to get from one place to another.

I understand that there may have been some provocation from the other passenger, but this does not excuse your behavior. As a driver for the Crown, it is your responsibility to remain professional at all times and treat all passengers with respect regardless of their behavior. Your actions were completely inappropriate and could have resulted in serious consequences for both yourself and the other passenger had things escalated further.

I urge you to take this incident seriously and reflect on how you can improve your conduct in future situations like this one. It is important that drivers maintain a professional demeanor while on duty so as not to create an unsafe environment for passengers or put themselves at risk of disciplinary action or legal repercussions.

Thank you for taking the time to read my letter. I hope that you will take my concerns into consideration and strive to be more mindful of your conduct while driving in future.

[Name withheld]

Rocco Galati, QC; Denis Rancourt; Chris Weisdorf

The artwork itself is a stylized take on the original monograph, with the Aboriginal flag in the background and Ms Lici in the foreground. She’s wearing a bright yellow dress and her hair is done up in two braids, which are adorned with feathers. Her hands are clasped together as if she’s praying for something better. The colors used in this piece are vibrant and cheerful, which gives it a sense of hope and optimism. It’s a reminder that even when things seem bleak, there is always light at the end of the tunnel.