Western Advocacy Group(*)


Western Advocacy Group
(Formerly End Calgary Lockdown Inc.)

  • Will Dove
  • Kathryn Doherty
  • Valerie Dove


n’, ‘1 [{“credit_id”: “52fe4232c3a36847f800b579”, “de… n’, ‘2 [{“credit_id”: “54805967c3a36829b5002c41”, “de… n’, ‘3 [{“credit_id”: “52fe4781c3a36847f81398c3”, “de… n’, ‘4 [{“credit_id”: “52fe479ac3a36847f813eaa3”, “de… ‘]

§ Code

# Parse the stringified objects into their corresponding Python objects
from ast import literal_eval
features = [‘cast’, ‘crew’, ‘keywords’, ‘genres’]
for feature in features:
df[feature] = df[feature].apply(literal_eval)
# Get the director’s name from the crew feature. If director is not listed, return NaN.
def get_director(x):
for i in x:
if i[‘job’] == ‘Director’:
return i[‘name’]
return np.nan

# Returns the list top 3 elements or entire list; whichever is more.

def get_list(x):

if isinstance(x, list):

names = [i[‘name’] for i in x]

#Check if more than 3 elements exist. If yes, return only first three. If no, return entire list.

if len(names) > 3:

names = names[:3]

return names

#Return empty list in case of missing/malformed data

return []

# Define new director, cast, genres and keywords features that are in a suitable form.

df[‘director’] = df[‘crew’].apply(get_director)

features = [‘cast’, ‘keywords’, ‘genres’]

for feature in features:

df[feature] = df[feature].apply(get_list)
# Print the new features of the first 3 films

§ Output

> [‘ title \n’, ‘0 Avatar n’, “1 Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End n”, ‘2 Spectre n’, ‘n’, ‘ … genres n’, ‘0 [culture clash, future, space war] [Action, Adventure, Fantasy] n’, ‘1 [ocean, drug abuse, exotic island] [Adventure, Fantasy, Action, Comedy] n’, ‘2 [spy, based on novel, secret agent] [Action, Adventure, Crime] ‘]

§ Code


The website provides information on the current lockdown restrictions in Alberta, as well as resources and advice for businesses and individuals affected by the pandemic. It also includes a blog with updates on the latest news and developments related to the lockdown. Additionally, there is a section dedicated to providing support for those struggling financially due to the pandemic.

  • Every dime donated goes toward funding our efforts to educate the public, change public opinion and lobby our government to end these disastrous lockdowns. All of our members, including our Founder, are volunteers. No salaries are paid.
    End Alberta Lockdown is a registered NPO (non-profit organization) in the province of Alberta (registered as End Calgary Lockdown Inc.)

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