Laziness is Killing Restaurants

All non-essential businesses must close their physical locations and move to online operations. All public gatherings are prohibited, including religious services, weddings, funerals, and social events. Restaurants and bars must close for in-person dining but can offer takeout and delivery services. Retail stores may remain open with capacity limits of 25% or 5 people per store, whichever is lower.

Individuals should stay home as much as possible and limit trips outside the home to essential activities only. Essential activities include grocery shopping, medical appointments, outdoor exercise (with members of your household only), work (if it cannot be done remotely), and caring for vulnerable individuals.

Face coverings are mandatory in all indoor public spaces across Ontario. This includes retail stores, places of worship, restaurants when picking up takeout orders, personal care services such as hair salons and barbershops, libraries, museums, galleries and other attractions.

For more information on the grey-zone lockdown restrictions in Ontario please visit

Stop being so fucking lazy because your “safety” and compliance is destroying small businesses. So fuck you if you don’t cook and are a lazy sack of shit that does delivery rather than pick-up. You’re a cuck, pure and simple. Ford loves you, bitch.