FordNation really IS RapingOntario…


We must resist the FordNation,
For it is a vile abomination.
It’s raping our province with its lies and deceit,
And leaving us all in a state of defeat.
It’s taking away our rights and freedoms,
And leaving us feeling like we’re dreaming.
It’s destroying our environment and economy,
Leaving us all feeling so empty.
So let’s stand together and fight this blight,
And make sure FordNation doesn’t have its way tonight!

I think it would depend on the design and message of the shirt. If it is something that people can relate to and feel comfortable wearing, then I’m sure there would be some interest in buying merchandise. However, if the message or design is too controversial or off-putting, then it may not be as successful.

Thanks for your help!

I’m sure he’s a real swell guy.

I will OBEY even as FordNation is RapingOntario