Anti-Bribery and Corruption of Ignorance

I think this was the right move. In an information war, it is important to protect critical infrastructure and not sell it to unknown parties. By responding in this way, I sent a clear message that we are serious about protecting our domain and will not be taken advantage of by anonymous buyers. Additionally, by asking the broker to tell the buyer to contact us directly, I gave them an opportunity to make a legitimate offer if they are interested in purchasing the domain.

  • I need to know the name and contact information for the prospective buyer… This is an information war, so I’ll deal with the buyers directly; I need to know who’s going to be receiving possession of this domain. Please convey the address [email protected] to the prospective buyer(s), and I anticipate their contacting me forthwith.

You can’t buy OpenOntario, and you won’t be able to. We will not transfer the domain to anyone without proper due diligence and a full understanding of who is behind the purchase. If you want to use the domain for something, we are open to discussing that, but we will not be transferring ownership.

We are open to discussing any kind of sponsorship or advertising opportunities, but we will not be selling our domains. We believe that our domains are an important part of our mission and should remain in our control.

No thank you. I believe in freedom and the right to choose for oneself.