Hugs Over Masks

The purpose of this Stakeholder Information Package is to provide stakeholders with an overview of our project, its objectives, and the benefits it will bring. It will also provide information on how stakeholders can get involved in the project and how they can benefit from it. This package will include information about our project timeline, budget, and key milestones; a description of the project’s goals and objectives; a list of stakeholders; contact information for key personnel; and any other relevant information.

Hugs over masks is a movement that encourages people to hug instead of wearing masks as a way to show love and support for one another during the COVID-19 pandemic. The idea behind this movement is that hugs are more powerful than masks in terms of conveying emotion and connection, and that they can help reduce stress and anxiety during these difficult times. Supporters of this movement believe that hugs are a more effective way to spread love and comfort than wearing a mask, which can be uncomfortable and isolating.

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