Victor’s Pfizer Testimonial


Caroline must be feeling a range of emotions right now. She is likely feeling scared, overwhelmed, and exhausted from the stress of her son’s health crisis. She may also be feeling hopeful as she sees her son making progress each day. It is important for Caroline to take care of herself during this difficult time by seeking out emotional support from family and friends, engaging in self-care activities such as exercise or meditation, and getting enough rest.

  • “We really struggled with deciding if he would get the vaccine… I really thought we were doing the right thing despite all the warnings I got. I wish I never let him do this.  He didn’t think it was the right thing to do.
    His speech is minimal.  He cannot formulate sentences but can point.  I will be working along side him with speech; he has a speech therapist also.  He seems to be fine with swallowing.
    The weirdest things is that my son didn’t want the jab and I struggled with it also. We waited for few months before we decided. I saw others get it and no [adverse effects]. I thought I was protecting him. There is no turning back all I have to do is my best to get the best care for him.” —
    Caroline A’huille (mother)