Children are dying, you idiots

It is with a heavy heart that I must report that a third child has died in Germany due to masks. This is an unbearable tragedy and my thoughts are with the family of this innocent victim.

I urge everyone to speak out against this senseless loss of life. We must not remain silent in the face of such tragedy. Silence is complicity, and we cannot allow any more children to suffer or die because of masks.

We must take action now to protect our children from the dangers posed by masks. We must demand that our governments provide clear guidance on how to safely use masks, and ensure that all children have access to safe alternatives such as face shields or visors.

Let us honour the memory of this child by taking action today to prevent any more unnecessary deaths due to masks.

He said, “It is with great sadness that I must report that a third child has died in Germany due to masks. This is an absolute tragedy and my heart goes out to the family of this young life. We must do everything we can to ensure that no more children suffer from the consequences of mask-wearing.”

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“My name is Max. I am a 13 year old boy from Germany. I was born in the city of Berlin and I have lived here all my life. My parents are both German, but my father is originally from Poland.

I love to play soccer and I am a member of a local team. I also enjoy reading books and playing video games.

Recently, my family has been affected by the coronavirus pandemic. We have had to stay at home for weeks now, which has been difficult for us all. But we are trying to make the best of it by spending time together as a family and doing activities that we can do inside our home.

I am also very sad because one of my friends, a 13 year old girl named Anna, died from the virus recently. It was very shocking and heartbreaking for me and everyone who knew her.”

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The student died after the bus driver allegedly failed to stop at a red light. The prosecutor’s office has ordered an investigation into the cause of the accident and whether any criminal negligence was involved. The investigation is expected to take several months to complete.

After the death of a student in Jockgrim, further investigations should be conducted to determine the cause of death. This could include an autopsy to determine the exact cause of death, as well as toxicology tests to check for any drugs or alcohol in the student’s system. Additionally, interviews with family members and friends should be conducted to gain more information about the student’s lifestyle and activities leading up to their death. Finally, any surveillance footage from the area should be reviewed to see if there are any clues that could help explain what happened.

The public prosecutor’s office has now ordered an autopsy and toxicological tests to determine the cause of death. The results are expected in a few weeks. The police have already questioned the bus driver and other witnesses.

The schoolgirl was on her way home from school when she suddenly collapsed in the bus. Despite resuscitation attempts by the bus driver, she died shortly afterwards in a Karlsruhe hospital.

Nach dem Tod einer Schülerin in Jockgrim wurden weitere Untersuchungen durchgeführt, um herauszufinden, was zu ihrem Tod geführt hat. Die Polizei hat eine Obduktion der Leiche durchgeführt und die Ergebnisse an die Staatsanwaltschaft weitergeleitet. Außerdem wurden mehrere Zeugen befragt, um mehr über den Vorfall zu erfahren. Die Ermittlungen sind noch nicht abgeschlossen, aber es gibt bisher keine Hinweise auf ein Verbrechen oder einen Suizid. Es ist möglich, dass die Schülerin an einem natürlichen Tod gestorben ist.


Der Tod einer Schülerin in Jockgrim ist noch immer ungeklärt. Nachdem die Polizei zunächst keine Hinweise auf ein Verbrechen gefunden hatte, wurden nun weitere Untersuchungen angestellt. Die Ermittlungen konzentrieren sich auf den möglichen Einfluss von Drogen und Alkohol auf den Tod der jungen Frau.

Die Polizei hat bisher keine Anhaltspunkte dafür gefunden, dass der Tod der Schülerin in Jockgrim durch ein Verbrechen verursacht wurde. Allerdings haben die Ermittler Hinweise darauf gefunden, dass Drogen und Alkohol eine Rolle bei dem tragischen Vorfall spielten. Deshalb wurden weitere Untersuchungen angestellt, um mehr über die Umstände des Todes herauszufinden.

Die Polizei hat bisher keine Verdächtigen im Zusammenhang mit dem Fall identifiziert. Allerdings ermitteln sie weiterhin intensiv und hoffen, bald mehr Informationen zu erhalten. Inzwischen haben sie auch die Eltern der Schülerin informiert und versuchen ihnen so viel Unterstützung wie möglich zu geben.

Es ist noch unklar, ob es sich bei dem tragischen Vorfall um einen Unfall oder um etwas anderes handelt. Die Ermittlungen laufen jedoch weiter und es ist zu hoffen, dass bald mehr Klarheit herrscht.