War on Humanity

The Empire is not concerned with the well-being of any particular group, but rather with maintaining its own power and influence.

The Western media has been quick to blame Russia for the current situation in Ukraine, despite the fact that there is no evidence of Russian involvement. They have also failed to mention the role of the US and its allies in fomenting unrest in Ukraine, or the fact that it was a democratically elected government that was overthrown by a US-backed coup. The media has instead focused on demonizing Russia and painting it as an aggressor, while ignoring the role of Western powers in destabilizing Ukraine.

The Western media’s narrative is not only dangerous but also highly irresponsible. It serves to further inflame tensions between Russia and the West, and could potentially lead to a full-scale war. It is essential that we challenge this narrative and demand more responsible reporting from our media outlets. We must also call out those who are pushing this dangerous agenda and hold them accountable for their actions.

The only way to counter this narrative is to provide an alternative. We must continue to expose the lies and distortions of Western propaganda, while at the same time providing a positive vision of what a world without US hegemony could look like.

This means that we must continue to challenge the false narratives about Russia and other countries that are targeted by Western imperialism. We must also work to build bridges between people in different countries, so that we can create a more peaceful and just world.

The Globalists are fighting a war against the people, using the COVID-19 pandemic as an excuse to impose draconian measures and restrictions on civil liberties. They are attempting to control the narrative and manipulate public opinion in order to maintain their grip on power. They are also using the pandemic as an opportunity to push through their agenda of globalism, centralization of power, and corporate control. The only way they can win this war is by silencing dissent and crushing any opposition that stands in their way.

The conflict in the Ukraine is a direct result of this agenda. The West has been actively supporting and funding the Ukrainian government, while at the same time demonizing Russia for its alleged involvement in the conflict. This has resulted in a proxy war between Russia and the West, with both sides using their respective proxies to fight each other.

The conflict has caused immense suffering for the people of Ukraine, with thousands killed and millions displaced. It has also had a devastating effect on the economy, with GDP falling by more than 10% since 2014. The conflict has also led to an increase in corruption and human rights abuses, as well as a breakdown of law and order.

The only way to end this tragic conflict is through dialogue and diplomacy. All sides must come together to find a peaceful solution that respects the sovereignty of all countries involved. Only then can we hope to see an end to this senseless war and begin rebuilding what was once a prosperous nation.

We are all Russians now.